Empowering Women Globally Through Decentralised Finance

Women in DeFi is raising the next generation of leading ladies in the Blockchain space.

About Us

Women in Defi is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting knowledge and empowerment among women in the areas of Blockchain Technology and Decentralized Finance. Our fundamental approach is to provide our community members with high-quality mentorship that focuses on their individual areas of expertise within the Blockchain Technology domain.


We envision a thriving, inclusive community of women in the Blockchain space, where diverse talents and perspective converge to revolutionize the Web3 landscape.
Through mentorship, education, and collaboration, we strive to break down barriers, fostering innovation and leading the way towards a more equitable digital future.


We aim to educate 2,000,000 girls and women about blockchain technology, fostering understanding, creating opportunities, and nurturing future leaders in the blockchain space.

Core Values


Our Approach To Making A Difference


Embark on or enhance your Web3 journey by joining our academy programs, including Defi training and Skill Up Program, under the guidance of seasoned mentors.


Join us for a range of events, both online and in-person, which may include Twitter spaces, webinars, Codes, Charts and Cocktails, and many others.


Join our community and engage with over 3000+ fellow African women in the Web3 space, hailing from various corners of the continent.

Our Reach So Far






Physical Events



Embracing Partnerships and Collaborations

Actively looking forward to embracing partners and corporations who concur with our vision and are willing to impact lives.



Supporting The Women-In-Defi Cause

Help sponsor our events and initiatives to empower more African women in Blockchain Technology via a donation or more. This donation will go a long way supporting our numerous initiatives and facilitating our events and programs across our several chapters.

What WID Baddies are Saying About Us

Joining women in Defi was actually one of my best gift the lord gave me the year 2022. It changed my life and made me meet a lot of important people that i could call sisters. They really make the community look like family. I am grateful for having the best tutors also.


Swizzabane Mide

I was onboarded into the web3 space by the WID community in April this year; that was the best thing that happened to me. Before now, I had no knowledge of what web3 is or what the decentralized space is all about.
The only knowledge I had on crypto then was buying low and selling high 😅
A big thank you to the founder of WomenInDefi and the core team members, WID was a game changer for me. Today, I'm an ardent believer in Decentralized Finance


Vivian Adeniyi

The WID team has not only taught me about Defi but also help me stand my feet in the decentralized finance space through the process of close watch and constant follow-up even after the class. After the class, i have been able to get jobs that have given me funds to get gadgets to improve my tech journey, funds to process admission, and also my upkeep. A big thanks to the team for also reaching out and helping.


Lady Benny

WID was the start of my defi journey and the start of my millionaire journey. I discovered so many opportunities that i can leverage to make myself financially stable in the defi space. The biggest motivation is the fact that i'm taught by women who have broken records, which gives me the inspiration to do more. Then being part of a community that looks out for you can't be overemphasized as it speeds up my growth.


Uwadimma Christabel

WID changed my view about blockchain and crypto. A community blessed with great tutors that are patient in explaining and carrying their students along. My Defi journey has been a great one. It all started with #WID


Nemi James

Determination and WID TEAM are synonymous. Honestly, there's a lot to say about WOMEN IN DEFI (WID) Community, the massive love the cooperation, and the active tutors are just what anyone can't get elsewhere. I came in with Zero knowledge but today i can say am Good with What i Do. Defi is the future, joining a good community is the way forward.
Thank you Miss Sarah for all the hard work you have put in place for the smooth running of the community.


Thompson Dora

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